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Party Checklist

We want your event to be “...a million times better than we (you) could have ever hoped for...” (Kristin M., Bride), and we want you to get the most bang for your buck! Above all else, remember that our management company, Trace Management LLC, has been in the event production and music management business for over 25 years. They will be at your beck and call to answer ANY questions you might have throughout your process of hosting “... the most amazing show ever.” (Brad K., Corporate Talent Buyer).

What's the Process?

Once you’ve decided you want to throw a party/event and that The Breakfast Club® will be the perfect band for that party, you’ll need to lock down a couple of parameters.

Pick a date for your event. A quick inquiry will determine if the band is available for the date you want. Check the Calendar Page or contact Trace Management LLC.

Lock down a venue. What are you trying to achieve with your event? Should your venue be indoors or outdoors, big or small, fancy or relaxed? What ever you decide, The Breakfast Club® has played just about every type of venue and will work with you to accentuate your venue choice.

You’ll then be referred to one of our many booking agents at East Coast Entertainment. They will flesh out the monetary terms, issue you a contract, and collect a deposit from you.

I've signed the contract. What's next?

Prioritize your entertainment budget. If the entertainment is the most important or the least important element of your event, spend accordingly. Clients often say, "As long as there is a great band and plenty to drink, it will be a great party."

Lay out your event properly. The importance of properly locating the stage, dance floor, bars, buffets, tables, etc., cannot be overstated. For example, if the band is in one room and the mixed beverages are in another, you will hinder the success of your party.

Know how you want your event to flow. The sooner you plan out an itinerary for your event and convey this information to the band, the more smoothly your event will unfold. For example, do you need the band to play a “dinner set” during dinner or cocktails? Do you want strings to perform outside as the guests arrive? Do you want the band to play three shorter sets or two longer sets? If you’re not an experienced party planner, doing the timeline can be tricky and is often crucial to the success of your event. Trace Management LLC will work with you, or your planner, months in advance to insure a smooth flow.

Stay in touch! No detail is too small for a successful event. The better the communication before the event, the happier everyone will be after the event. Asking to speak to the band’s management, even before you sign your contract, may help you make the right decision. Regardless, Trace Management LLC will contact you one to two weeks prior to your event to fine tune all of the details.

Prepare to Party! Now that everything has been carefully planned, and you have surrounded yourself with experienced professionals who are adept at flexing with the unforeseen, you’ve earned yourself an event to remember. Relax and enjoy!

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