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Have a question that YOU want answered? 

Contact our management company, Trace Management LLC, by clicking the contact button above. They will be able to answer just about any question you have about The Breakfast Club®. After all, they created the group 25 years ago.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is The Breakfast Club® based?

- Atlanta, GA

Does The Breakfast Club® play weddings?

- Yes. 7 - 10 a year.

How many shows a year does The Breakfast Club® perform?

- Typically between 80 - 100.

When was The Breakfast Club® started?

- The Fall of 1993.

How much does The Breakfast Club® charge to play a show?

- The answer is based on several parameters; What day of the week is the show? Where is the show? What type of show is it? Is production included? All of these questions, and others, need to be answered before any price can be quoted. Our booking agents at East Coast Entertainment are best suited for handling this question.

How far does The Breakfast Club® travel?

- As far as the client's budget will take us. We’ll play anywhere if we can financially make the logistics work. We’ve played from Rhode Island to California, and from Chicago to Florida and everywhere in between.

What are tracks?

- Tracks are pre-recorded music, not unlike karaoke, that groups perform along with. Some groups use tracks sparingly to compliment certain songs. Others use tracks overtly to compensate for a lack of musical and/or vocal ability. Whatever the case, you as the client, should be aware of the extent of the usage of tracks. Would you go see your local symphony orchestra if they were pretending to play along with a cd?

Does The Breakfast Club® use tracks?

- NO. We have four, multi-talented musicians with almost 75 years of combined experience. Three of these are lead vocalists, which also means stellar three part harmonies. The Breakfast Club® also uses electronics drums, ’80’s guitar processors, and 8 zone keyboard modules to round out the full ’80’s stereophonic experience. Click here to watch a short humorous commercial we produced about the subject.

Why doesn’t The Breakfast Club® use fake names and bios in it’s promotional material like other ’80’s tribute bands?

- The Breakfast Club® has been, and is now more than ever, the genuine article. We have prided ourselves on hiring only the best of the best. We don’t have to hide behind any sort of made-up persona. We are proud of who we are and what we’ve accomplished.

What does the symbol at the end of The Breakfast Club® name mean?

- It means that we (rather, Trace Management LLC, our Management Company) own the trademark to our name, along with all that it implies.

Is this the same Breakfast Club® I saw 10 years ago?

- No. While the concept has steadfastly remained the same, we’ve had several member changes over the years.

How many shows has The Breakfast Club® played since it started?

- In late 2018, the band performed it's 3400th show.

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