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We feel very honored when we are chosen to provide the entertainment for any event. Whether it’s the most important day of your life or just a throw-down good time, our contribution to the overall success of your event is our focus.

From the moment you book the band with our exclusive booking agency, East Coast Entertainment (with over 30 years experience), to the time you firm up all of the details with The Breakfast Club’s® management company, Trace Management LLC (with over 25 years of client relations and event production experience), to the end of your event’s night when the audience is cheering for “one more song,” your complete satisfaction is our number one priority.

Whether your audience is your family, your friends, your co-workers, or clients, we’ll do everything possible to make your job as event coordinator effortless and trouble-free.

Is your event a more “formal” affair? Ask about our “formalized” ’80’s look. From Miami Vice to Michael Jackson, high fashion was a staple in 1980’s pop culture, and the shoulder-padded jacket and skinny tie was the foundation. Whether you choose dressed up or rocked out, we’ll bring the rockin’ live ’80’s, concert-like experience you’ve come to know and love from The Breakfast Club® to your event.

Need a PA, Lighting, or Staging?

Indoors, outdoors, big, or small, we can assist you in finding and retaining these services from dozens of reputable, trustworthy vendors we've worked with in the past to fit your production needs - any size event and just about any budget.

Contact us or one of our East Coast Entertainment agents for details.

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